Why 80% of marriages may be saved with counseling!

Couples looking to strengthen successful marriagesvirtual counseling and save failing ones have found marriage therapy to be incredibly popular. Many couples have a great deal of faith in the ability of the doctor, counselor, or therapist to save marriages. Typically, both time and money are expended doing this. But, far too frequently, the counseling guidance individuals are given is ineffective and could even make their issues worse. After my wife and I failed at marriage counseling and came dangerously close to divorcing a few years ago, I discovered an amazing secret that would transform everything. Even if you’ve never attended counseling, your marriage can still be saved.

Traditional marriage virtual counseling only has an 80% success rate, according to recent studies. Eight out of ten of the couples who participated in the study’s interviews believed the counseling had little to no beneficial effects on their marriage. These couples who attend counseling end up divorcing at the same rate as the couples who did not, according to the same study. Many couples said that after seeing the counselor, their marriages actually deteriorated!

The issue appears to be caused by the fact that the majority of those who provide marriage counseling have degrees and training in individual and group therapy. Individuals’ happiness and sense of fulfillment in life are their main concerns. The aim is to educate two people improved communication skills when trying to adapt the same concept to a married pair. Individuals continue to be the main focus rather than the marriage itself. Nobody questions the sincerity and commitment of these experts. They evidently care deeply about seeing the couple’s marriage flourish. The issue is that they just lack the knowledge!

The majority of marriage counselors who employ this paradigm base the whole therapeutic process on communication. In most cases, this is not even the main issue. It frequently only serves to teach partners how to argue more effectively; it does nothing to improve communication or create a more loving marriage.

I learned a valuable lesson after being on the verge of divorce and desperately trying to rescue my marriage: how to shift out of a bad emotional state and into one where I’m much more resourceful. I gained knowledge of the crucial errors that were jeopardizing my ability to save the marriage and learnt how to prevent them. When I learned about a tried-and-true method that showed me exactly what to say and do around my wife, it immediately made a difference. In the end, even though it looked like the polar opposite of what I should be doing, I allowed myself to trust the process. I developed the desire to take decisive action!

The answer I found had over a 90% success rate and was so effective that Dateline NBC highlighted it! Even when just one spouse wants to keep the marriage together, it still works! Also, you may do it at home without spending a ton of money on unsuccessful counseling!

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There is only approximately a 20% success rate for traditional marriage counseling, according to recent studies on its overall efficacy. Eighty percent of the couples polled said their marriage therapy had been of little assistance. The same studies showed that couples who went to marriage therapy had a 50% divorce rate, much like couples who did not. Conventional marriage counseling has not been a useful tool for repairing strained relationships.

The fundamental tenet of the traditional approach to marriage counseling is that the key to a happier marriage is to improve communication. These results from the individual therapy training those counselors have undergone. The answer therefore becomes to improve communication between the two people that are seated in their office. Communication is rarely the main issue; instead, greater communication skills frequently educate a couple to fight better.

The vast majority of counselors do not use a communication model that is significantly more effective. The marriage itself is the main subject, not the people in it. Instead of the pair in the marriage, the marriage is the client. This model’s skills can be learned without spending any money on counseling and in the comfort of your own home.

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