Tiger and Fame – Is That All There is?

Tiger and Fame – Is That All There is?

“Furthermore, what shoulder and what craftsmanship

Could contort the ligaments of thy heart?

Furthermore, when thy heart started to thump,

What fear hand and what fear feet?” – Robert Blake, “The Tiger”

The media are making a fool of themselves to cover and exploit the Tiger Woods story. I’ve perused and watched quite a large number. Common of a how to join the illuminati for famepart of the media today, they appear to be zeroing in on the tantalizing, the meddling, the business repercussions for Tiger, Inc. also, his supporters, and what his activities will mean for golf, or maybe sports overall.

Indeed, here’s an alternate take.

Tiger is nevertheless one point on the continuum of aggressive people who’ve made progress and acclaim and were still left “needing.”

Consistently, we can find instances of effective people in governmental issues, in business, in sports, in schooling, in religion, in human expression and diversion for whom popularity addressed a faulty, lacking, fragmented metal ring. For whom, basically, acclaim was adequately not. Popularity didn’t give them a feeling of groundedness, a profound identity, a “middle that holds”, that is, a center feeling of completeness and self esteem. Rather, in the midst of all the marvelousness, excitement and groupies, some piece of them was feeling alone, desolate, cold or lacking – languishing. What’s more, to facilitate their misery, they carry on in improper, behaving destructively ways – betrayal, wrongdoing, misuse, enslavement, and other appearing “levelheaded” (at that point) demonstrations of idiocy with an end goal to fill a “void” that distinction proved unable. Snickering outwardly, not such a huge amount within.

For these people, no measure of popularity, or fortune, can at any point do the trick. Their profound craving or need for notoriety, increasingly more of it, is to a great extent in direct extent to the “opening” or void they need to fill. As many have never found opportunity to investigate what’s under their requirement for popularity, for swarms, for praise and acknowledgment, they will quite often avoid their “devils” – looking for get away from outside themselves.

For what reason isn’t notoriety enough for these people? For what reason doesn’t acclaim “make it happen” for them? Eckhart Tolle asks, “”If there are such countless searchers, for what reason are there not many locaters?”

One explanation is that their quest for progress and popularity is lost. Their quest for acknowledgment and endorsement is off track. Their heart’s yearning for a feeling of their “self” is hidden by their not knowing what their identity is. Thus, looking external their self, they look for something they accept they don’t have now.

Our mental condition – our thought process, our perspectives and sentiments about “who I am” and about what’s going on in my life, the youth encounters and molding we have had that we have not investigated and tended to, and the shadow side of our self that we have stayed away from – are factors that influence how we manage life, with progress, with distinction.

The truth of the matter is we can’t ascend higher than our thinking about what our identity is – no matter what how much our check, the size of our revering swarms, the quantity of holders on, sweethearts, World Series rings, number-one accounts, Oscars, Emmys or sparkling marquis beating our name.

The Tigers of the world somehow or another, shape or structure feel independent, or need True and Real love or an amicable arrangement between their character and their spirit inside. Here, solid and cognizant life decisions and choices are frequently subtle and difficult to make. This is their test.

Effectively meeting one’s difficulties requires a more profound, soul-based, move toward that upholds one to go inside to investigate, ask and acquire a more prominent sense and comprehension of their self – “Who am I, truly?”

For Tiger, and most of us for whom acclaim, fortune and achievement “don’t do it,” we’re being offered the chance to “work” on issues that look for goal, for instance:

·Picking up something fundamental for our further unfoldment of our individual – a characteristic transformative encounter that upholds us in defeating some limitation(s) forced on ourself by obliviousness, by withdrawal from social association or by not putting ourself out there on a more profound level

·Mending connections where detachment and disharmony exist

·Getting pathways free from articulation for Essential soul characteristics that are required (e.g., love, sympathy, will, discipline, strength, boldness, faithfulness, wisdom…)

·Explaining our life’s motivation

·Reestablishing request where turmoil, or confusion exist here and there, shape or structure

·Understanding when we want to become on occasion more free and at different times more reliant

·Reestablishing excellence where bad habit exists

·Carrying thought into arrangement with our entire being

·Adjusting our awareness, understanding and conduct with widespread regulations

·Arousing our soul to pursue moral decisions

·Conquering dread, fear and detachment to encounter more prominent solidarity inside ourself and with the more noteworthy entire of humankind

·Figuring out how to educate or communicate unrestricted love

·Making association with the Universe and confiding in its knowledge and love

·Discovering that spirit is available inside us and inside everybody and that each being is heavenly by their own doing

·Supporting others when they need support

All in all, when the commotion subsides, and we experience some calm time before the following “star” transgresses and catches generally our consideration, maybe we can step back, take a few full breaths and ask inside, “Do I go through a lot of my time on earth in a ‘needing’ state? Provided that this is true, what am I needing? What’s more, why? Furthermore, what makes me believe that a person or thing outside myself will satisfy that needing when I know, truly and genuinely, that won’t ever occur?”

“Furthermore, what shoulder and what workmanship

Could wind the ligaments of thy heart?”

Thus, our $10 something to think about questions are:

Is there a piece of your life where you feel discrete or lacking association? For what reason do you suppose this is so? What could uphold you to conquer this test?

In which portion of your life do you need getting it? What could uphold you to conquer this test?

Do you tend to sabotage yourself or others? What could uphold you to enable yourself as well as other people?

Where is love ailing in your life? How should you take steps to communicate love properly in those pieces of your life?

How would you manage achievement? Is it true or not that you are fixated on progress, acclaim, or being seen and recognized?

At any point have you at any point acted improperly to feel like a “someone?” Do you think twice about values to find success, loved, or recognized?

At any point do you feel worth-less, esteem less, disliked, or un(der)appreciated? What’s that like for you?

How was achievement or notoriety for you when you were growing up?


Peter Vajda, Ph.D, C.P.C. is an establishing accomplice of SpiritHeart, an Atlanta-based organization that upholds cognizant living through instructing and guiding. With a training in light of the powerful convergence of brain, body, feeling and soul, Peter’s ‘entire individual’ training approach upholds profound and manageable change and change.

Peter works with and guides pioneers and directors, people in their own and work life, accomplices and couples, gatherings and groups to move higher than ever of mindfulness, improving their capacity to show up truly and with an elevated feeling of well be-ing, internal congruity and relational viability as they carry on with their lives at work, at home, at play and in relationship.

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