Knitting With Lace

Knitting With Lace

If you love to knit, you’ll love to knit with lace yarn. Even if you’re just a beginner, there is a wide variety of easy-to-work-with yarns as well as simple-to-follow patterns necklaces

  to get you started on your way to lace knitting a beautiful item.

As the name implies, lace knitting is the kind of knitting that is done with a very fine, lacey yarn. The more exact definition of lace yarn is yarn that has at least 18 wraps per inch. This just means that it takes at least 18 times around an object such as a flat ruler that is about an inch wide. The yarn has to be fine enough that 18 or more times around that ruler will only fill a length of one inch. Keep in mind that the 18 wraps per inch is the heaviest lace yarn. Some of the very finest lace yarns will wrap up to 50 times in an inch. There are lace yarns in every gauge of thickness between those two extremes. Most lace yarns are 2-ply. This adds to the stability of the yarn. Another factor that contributes to the stability of the yarn is the addition of silk to the thread. If there is silk in the yarn, when the knitted objected is blocked, it stays blocked and keeps it shape.

In order for an item to be considered one made with lace yarn, the item must look lacey, airy. This lacey, air look is achieved by making “holes” in the pattern. These are the kind of holes we want, and are achieved in one of the many lace knitting patterns simply by using what knitters know as yarn over. This yarn over procedure makes a skip in the pattern, and gives that soft, delicate look.

Many beautiful objects can be made by the use of this type of knitting. There is a wonderful variety of knitting patterns available online. Before starting with one of the many lace cardigan knitting patterns, perhaps an easier way to start would be to choose one of the lace scarf knitting patterns or a neck warmer pattern. A scarf is easier to knit than some other pieces because it will probably involve a pattern that repeats itself over and over again. A longer scarf can be knitted with lace yarn, and can even be easily extended into a shawl. Or a shorter, more contemporary scarf or neck warmer can be knitted using one of many lace scarf knitting patterns.

More advanced knitters might want to check out some of the lace sweater knitting patterns. Beautiful and elegant sweaters, handmade with great care, have a look like no other. Sometimes when we think of handmade items, we think of something that is rather bulky and maybe a little too homespun. But lace knitting patterns can produce delicate items that are reminiscent of the l

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