Understanding the Two Most Popular Issue Tracking Tools

 Understanding the Two Most Popular Issue Tracking Tools


Atlassian’s JIRA and Mozilla’s Bugzilla are the most popular issue trackers as of today. Let’s dig deep into these two tools to understand better. JIRA was initially released https://saasjet.com/business-process-manager/

 in the year 2002 and the stable version came out in October 2015.

Bugzilla was originally developed by Terry Weissman in 1998 and after that it has been developed by Mozilla Foundation that released its stable version in the year 2007 May. The next part will give you a good understanding of the two tools with a comparison.


JIRA and Bugzilla are software applications that concentrate on tracking software bugs that may be a obstacle in a programmer’s work. Huge tracking systems like these make use of a database from which bugs will be tracked and recorded.

The recorded information will contain a brief info of the bug, the project affected, bug reporter, component, the intensity of the problem, date and time, the state of the bug and the resolution of the bug as well.

Bugzilla: Bugzilla was initially written with the help of Tcl language but now the language is Perl for execution. Perl was known as one of the best option for a language before Bugzilla’s official release and once Perl was put introduced into the functioning of Bugzilla it came to be known as Bugzilla 2.0 and was available as an open source for anyone to use.

Tracking bugs is the basic function of Bugzilla and as it is an open source it is used by everyday individuals and even professionals. The user interface of Bugzilla is vast and web, email, Web services, RSS and command line are also included. Versioning apps like MySql CVS are utilized by Bugzilla as an options to source code changes.

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