First Communion Gifts – Ideas For Selecting One

 First Communion Gifts – Ideas For Selecting One

First Communion gifts are often given after the sacred ceremony, at a party hosted by the Communicant’s family members and friends. As most Communicants  Engel Anhänger  are young children around the age of eight or nine, it is important to get a gift that is fitting for people in this age group.

Also, although it is generally considered appropriate to give a present with a religious theme, this is not mandatory. Yet, wall crosses, prayer beads, and personalized Bibles are very popular gifts for this occasion. Often these gifts are engraved with the Communicant’s name and contain gold or gemstones. They are usually ornate and unique, a sign of the special nature of the sacrament. Bibles may be written for younger audiences and contain many pictures. Today, Christian movies or CD’s by Christian singers are also available. No matter what gift you choose, it should provide a means to congratulate the Communicant on his or her achievement.

Other gift ideas include jewelry boxes or photo albums and frames. Some choose to get religious figurines, statues, or pictures, either of apostles, angels, or the Holy Family. For y

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