Where Can I Find Beachfront Properties in New Zealand?

 Where Can I Find Beachfront Properties in New Zealand?

In New Zealand you are not limited by the number of beachfront properties available to you. Whether you are looking in the North or South Islands, there are a range of styles New Port Residences  or homes and apartments for sale at any one time with spectacular views of the ocean and beaches.

I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight some of Banks Peninsula’s popular beachfront or sea view locations.

Banks Peninsula was once a volcanic island and having erupted approx 11 million years ago, it formed Lyttelton Harbour. With it’s beautiful harbour extending westward for approx 12 kilometres, Lyttelton provides a spectacular vista for both those who visit and those who reside here. Christchurch itself is just a short drive over the Port Hills or through the Lyttelton Road Tunnel.

Governors Bay
Nestled under the Port Hills, Governors Bay is a small community with views of Lyttelton Harbour. Many properties in Governors Bay are located in a private setting, so you can feel in a world of your own here.

Charteris Bay
Situated on the southern side of Lyttelton Harbour, Charteris Bay also offers some prime locations to reside with a scenic walk to the beachfront for many. Charteris Bay is host to Orton Bradley Park, which is a popular recreational area in Christchurch.

Diamond Harbour
Drive further around the waterfront and you will reach Diamond Harbour which is nestled in the hillside and proceeds down to the beachfront, Diamond Harbour offers plenty of residential options not to mention recreational activities.

Church Bay
Properties in Church Bay not only get the views of the Harbour, but of the popular Quail Island sanctuary and night lights of Lyttelton. Church Bay offers picture postcard views.


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