News for Pocket PC Video Fanatics

 News for Pocket PC Video Fanatics

I’m getting a bit tired of all the iPod coverage in the press recently, including my own iPod versus PDA article recently.

This has just  tv shows, been tempered with excellent technology news for the Pocket PC video playback freaks among us.

If you’ve spent most of your waking life waiting for videos to finish transcoding into a suitable Pocket PC format, read on.

ATI has introduced GPU-acclerated video transcoding in its latest video card for digital media hounds. This translates into a way, way shorter duration as the GPU actively assists in tasks like this.

I once told someone a couple of years ago that pigs would fly before such technology came to fruition.

Consider this article a public apology. Hope you’re reading.

Jason Cross reported on the ExtremeTech site that their new Radeon X1800 XT video card can quite possibly make ATI the king of the video encoder mountain.

You’ll remember that I referenced the Pocket TV application in a recent article as a Pocket PC answer, of sorts, to the ever increasingly ubiquitous video iPod in their WalMart-like pervasiveness.

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