Insight Selling – What Is Insight, and Why Do It?

 Insight Selling – What Is Insight, and Why Do It?

Everyone is talking about how salespeople must now learn how to deliver insights to their customers, because the internet has changed how people buy. So by the time a customer now engages a salesperson, they’re already 60% of the way through their buying cycle, because they’ve done most of their research online. So they don’t need more information from a salesperson. What they need is insight into what the information means.

But what is insight, why is it important, and how do you deliver it?

Why is insight important?
Without a salesperson’s insights, customers are forced to over simplify their purchase, because they’re constrained by both time and expertise. So customers will, for instance, strip out the unique value for each supplier, because it’s just too overwhelming to compare anything other than apples to apples. And now that all products look the same, the only differentiator is price. Unfortunately, this self-service model produces a watered down solution for the customer, and it erodes the seller’s margins.

What’s insight?
When Insight Sellers deliver insights, they shock customers by breaking their thought patters, and then they rescue customers by replacing the broken pattern with one that is new and improved. That’s the Aha experience. And it’s also how a salesperson reframes the customer’s buying vision when they’re already more than halfway down the road of their buying cycle.

How do you find insight?
Salespeople find insight by trying to figure out what’s counterintuitive about their core sales message? Where’s the gap between what the customer believes today, and what they need to believe to buy your product? An example could be that a salesman generally gears their sales message towards why customers should buy from them vs. the competition. But because it’s counter intuitive that their largest competitor is their customer deciding to do nothing, and not another company, they lose out on a lot of business, because they’re pushing why us and the customer’s wondering why change. The Insight Seller will then offer a way to fix the broken pattern by suggesting that the salesperson’s message first addresses why change, before why us.

How to create insight?

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