Opportunities in the Arts to Make Friends in London

 Opportunities in the Arts to Make Friends in London

London is a world class center of the arts. If you are interested in artistic activities you have numerous opportunities to make friends in London while doing the things Asthenic Therapist London  you love. Whatever branch of the arts interests you, and whether it is participating actively or watching professionals, you can easily make friends through it in London.

Here’s how:


London is home of the BBC Television Centre. You can get free tickets to be in the audience of a wide range is TV shows as they are filmed. You may even see yourself on TV afterwards. If you have a favorite show shot in London, why not find out when it is next being filmed, ask around and arrange a trip to be in the audience. Coming together to watch a TV show live is a great way to make new friends. Imagine the fun conversations you could have afterwards, sharing memories and planning your next TV studio visit, and it’s all for free!


The streets and historic sites of London are often used for filming. Many British and overseas films are shot on London streets and venues around the city. You could be a paid extra! TV companies are always looking for ordinary people like you and me to be in background shots. You could have fun, even in costume, with a non-speaking or walk-on part in a film and make new friends with people who are regular extras on many films. It’s a fun hobby and gives you chance to meet famous people and make new friends with your fellow extras. People who live outside of London don’t have this opportunity that living in the capital city brings.

The London Sci-Fi Film Festival is held annually. It is in August to September in 2011. Here you can make friends mingling with sci-fi fanatics, writers and stars of the shows you love. Nowhere else in the country has anything like it so if you want to make friends with fellow sci-fi fans get down to London for the festival.


There are a huge number of theatres in London. All types of

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