Top 8 Solar Power Advantages

 Top 8 Solar Power Advantages

Solar energy is generated using the light from Sun. Light is converted into electricity using a semiconductor device called photovoltaic cell. When several photovoltaic  solar power advantages and disadvantages

 cells are connected to work together, they form a panel.

Solar panels deliver solar power electricity. With prices of photovoltaic cells going down, solar power advantages are really compelling.

With the prices of non-renewable energy resources going up everyday, it has become important to use renewable resources, like energy from sunlight. When a comparison is done between advantages and disadvantages of sunlight-based energy, advantages easily outnumber the disadvantages.

Here are the Top 8 solar power advantages:

1) Renewable and Reliable: Solar energy is a renewable and can be considered reliable as long as sun continues to shine on the earth. Also amongst all the renewable energy resources, energy from sun has the highest density.

2) Versatile Use: One of the key solar power advantages is that it can be used to run versatile devices like cars, boats, satellites, aircraft, ships, batteries, Mobiles and laptops amongst several others.

3) Low Maintenance: Since photovoltaic cells and panels do not contain any moving parts, there is very little maintenance required for running photovoltaic cells. These cells have a long life with only cleaning required twice a year.

4) Adaptability: One more of the very special solar power advantages is that it can be provided at places where grid supply cannot be extended like in space, island communities, ships, desolate regions, mountain tops and other isolated places where sunshine is available.

5) Clean Energy: Solar power electricity is also clean and environment friendly with little or no pollution and no emissions or greenhouse effects. Also generation of electricity from sun does not produce any noise pollution.

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